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When it comes to taste, the people’s vote gave the golden thumbs up to The Black Farmer Sweet Mature cheddar at the hugely competitive Royal Bath & West National Cheese Awards last week.

The ‘People’s Choice’ category was judged by a panel picked at random from visitors to the show. The panel was asked to give their comments on taste, appearance and overall presentation and the GOLD award was presented to the entry gaining the most points – The Black Farmer.

“This has to be one of the most reassuring awards to receive!  To know that the general public has tasted my Sweet Mature cheddar and voted it head and shoulders above the competition is very great praise indeed,” says Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, The Black Farmer.

“The Black Farmer Sweet Mature brings real flavour differentiation to the shelves. As with all my other products, great flavour is what sets them apart from anything else available.  This cheese has the depth of flavour you expect from a mature cheese, but with a delicious sweet finish, rather than the generic flavour often associated with mature cheddar.”

The Black Farmer Sweet Mature Cheddar uses 100% British milk and is made using the traditional craft of ‘cheddaring’ by hand-piling and turning the curd.

The Black Farmer Sweet Mature cheddar is currently available in southwest Asda stores and Ocado on-line.


The Black Farmer Gets Well Dressed

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The Black Farmer Gets Well Dressed

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, aka The Black Farmer is taking rural fashion by the scruff of the neck and injecting style and elegance with his launch range – introduced at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham.

“It’s no secret that I love clothes and have become known for my own particular style.  But I have always been frustrated that I cannot find items that cross the urban/rural divide. I want practical good quality fabrics but in stylish cuts.  Just because I spend a lot of time in the rural community doesn’t mean I have to dress to fit the stereotype,” says Wilfred.

Known for his trademark Fedora hat Wilfred has always cut a dash whatever his environment.  His profile as producer of the country’s second largest super premium sausage brand, and latterly as Conservative candidate for Chippenham in Wiltshire, has attracted much comment about his sartorial style with many wanting to follow his lead.

His range – including jackets, suits, moleskin trousers, shirts and leather accessories – is available online at www.theblackfarmer.com and at shows around the country, details of which will be listed on the website.

The Black Farmer is Britain’s Best Sausage!

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The Black Farmer Pork Onion & Chive Gluten Free sausages have been voted ‘Britain’s Best Sausage’ in the 2010 Meat Management Awards.
These 100% British, Freedom Food outdoor bred pork sausages beat off stiff industry competition as the panel of judges judged them to be the best

This is a terrific accolade and one that I am proud to accept. I have worked hard to build The Black Farmer and with your support it has become the leading British premium gluten free brand. To be named ‘Britain’s Best Sausage’ is a fantastic bonus.

The Black Farmer Supports Native Breeds

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Hampshire Down Winner

I am again sponsoring the Hampshire Down Sheep Class at the 2010 Woolsery Show, North Devon on Monday 26th July.

It is with real pleasure that The Black Farmer is again sponsoring this Class.  Without a doubt the breed is gaining popularity and we hope to see a healthy level of entries this year.

I have long supported native and indigenous breeds – regularly keeping North and South Devon cattle on his Devon farm.  People are gradually starting to appreciate the benefits of well-reared traditional breeds.  The meat really tastes better having benefited from good husbandry and slow, natural growing.

Hampshire Down flocks were established more than 150 years ago.  The breed originated by crossing the Wiltshire Horn and the Berkshire Knot with the Southdown.  Usually consigned to the ‘any other breed’ class, this is the second year that Hampshires are able to claim a class of their own.

Picture shows Rose Haynes, winner of the 2009 Woolsery Show Hampshire Down Class with Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, The Black Farmer.

The Black Farmer Launches Gluten Free Sauces Online

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I have launched my first food products for sale via the online shop at www.theblackfarmer/shop/sauces_shop

Three gluten free sauces: Spicy Muscovado; Ginger & Lime, and Sweet & Spicy Tomato form the initial line up. I’ve been longing to make these sauces available online to The Black Farmer supporters. They epitomize everything about The Black Farmer brand – bold interesting flavours, gluten free, good ingredients. The recipes are featured in The Black Farmer Cookbook, but they are so versatile that it’s worth having a jar or two in the fridge at all times!

Spicy Muscovado A rich combination of dark Muscovado sugar, red wine, gluten free soy sauce, chilli and Chinese Five Spice create a sauce that is the perfect accompaniment for sausages or can be added to a stir fry, used as a dip, a marinade for meat or fish or as an accompaniment for any number of meals.

Ginger & Lime This zingy sauce has plenty of ginger and lime combined with sweet honey and a dash of paprika. A perfect accompaniment to any Indian dish; great base for a stir-fry, marinade for fish, or, mixed with a little crème fraiche, an exciting dip.

Sweet & Spicy Tomato Classic ingredients of tomato, onion and garlic are pepped up with some hot chilli and red wine. Versatile, this sauce can be stirred through pasta, top a pizza, a dip or as an accompaniment to any number of meals.

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The Black Farmer® Supports

Coeliac Awareness Week

10 – 16 May, 2010.

I will be championing a range of initiatives supporting Coeliac Awareness Week.

“Get Tested” will be my mantra encouraging people not to suffer in silence.  All The Black Farmer® packs will have eye-catching stickers during this period.  Visitors to The Black Farmer website www.theblackfarmer.com can view mini-films with experts explaining what symptoms to look out for, as well as the first hand views of sufferers.  They can get advice on what foods to avoid as well as find a directory of support groups up and down the country.

I am also launching a series of Awards to highlight companies and individuals for their role in providing useful information, products and facilities for sufferers.

There are many hidden heroes out there who are doing amazing things to support Coeliac sufferers in the UK – from enthusiastic bloggers who provide extraordinary amounts of useful information, to restaurants with delicious gluten free menus and holiday hotels who are happy to cater for Coeliacs, to supermarkets who are putting more and more gluten free products on their shelves.  I want to help showcase their work to the benefit of all Coeliac sufferers.

People can log on to www.theblackfarmer.com and vote for their particular hero in the following categories:

Best Gluten Free Menu

Best Gluten Free Holiday Hotel

Best Gluten Free Information Provider

Coeliac disease is a wheat intolerance that affects the lining of the gut. Sufferers experience a number of symptoms, which can often be put down to other things.

At least one in one hundred people suffers with Coeliac disease, with more being diagnosed every year.  Modern medicine has advanced sufficiently that anyone who worries that they may have the disease can “Get tested” with a simple screening blood test.   The Coeliac Screening blood test measures antibodies in the blood to Gluten or Gliaden in the diet and the damaged Endomysial muscle of the bowel.


* Coeliac UK, the country’s leading authority on Coeliac disease, conducted a sausage tasting for its Crossed Grain magazine Spring issue.  The panel tasted 17 of the leading gluten free sausages out of which The Black Farmer was voted clear ‘Favourite’ and ‘Best All Rounder’.  Tasters were asked to rate the sausages on the basis of meatiness, texture, flavour, appearance and value for money.

And the Kids Choice?  The Black Farmer’s Daughter Premium Pork chipolatas got the thumbs up from the youngsters thanks to their great texture.

Read the full article here.

The Black Farmer launches Gluten Free Awards 2010

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As we are now approaching Coeliac Awareness Week in May, I am launching The Black Farmer’s first ever Gluten Free Awards. These awards are in honour of the unsung heroes working hard to make the lives of Coeliac sufferers easier – whether that’s daily shopping, eating out or on holiday.

So please support these inaugural awards by voting for your unsung hero. It could be a supermarket, for offering the best range of gluten free foods. Or a website or blogger who goes out of their way to provide useful information for sufferers. Maybe for you its a restaurant that offers a good range of gluten free dishes on its menu, or a UK based holiday destination that welcomes and caters for Coeliac sufferers. We know they are out there, but we need your help to find them and showcase them on The Black Farmer site.

If you would like to support my Awards and help get your Gluten Free Hero duly praised, please vote now. Simply click on the category of your choice and let me have the name and location of your Gluten Free Hero, together with your reasons for the vote. I know how passionate many of you are about finding services that support a gluten free diet, so I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Gluten Free – MENU

Best Gluten Free – HOLIDAY HOTEL

Best Gluten Free – RETAILER


Or go here to cast your vote…