The Black Farmer launches new website

New Website for
The Black Farmer® –
the Gluten Free Champion

The Black Farmer® has re-designed its website to reflect its status as a leading mainstream Gluten Free brand of pork sausages – with a dedicated nutritionist, information about Coeliac disease, useful links and sophisticated ‘where-to-buy’ facility alongside interesting information about Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones the brand’s founder, his Devon farm, and lots of news.

“I’ve been accused of hiding my light under a bushel – which for those who know me is not my style! So now The Black Farmer’s Gluten Free status is plain for all to see. My brand has always been gluten and dairy free. I have championed the need to provide those on a gluten free diet – and everyone else – with exciting, tasty food with good ingredients that they can buy along with their other shopping at the supermarket – and, more importantly, that can be enjoyed by the whole family,” says Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, aka The Black Farmer.

“I want everyone who has Coeliac disease to feel they can come to The Black Farmer® for advice and support. If we can’t help directly, we’ll be able to point them to those who can help. Whatever else, they know they can come to us for the best tasting gluten free sausages, bacon, chicken and bbq products!,” he adds.

You can catch up with The Black Farmer on Facebook, Twitter


~ by theblackfarmer on April 29, 2009.

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