The Black Farmer Gluten Free Sausages Champions Coeliac Awareness Week

The Black Farmer

The Black Farmer

The Black Farmer®
Gluten Free Sausages
Champions Coeliac Awareness Week
May 11 – 17, 2009.

Gluten Free advocate, Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones aka The Black Farmer®, will be championing a range of initiatives supporting Coeliac Awareness Week.

“Get Tested” will be his mantra encouraging people not to suffer in silence. All The Black Farmer® products will have eye-catching stickers during this period. Visitors to the brand’s new website will see mini-films with experts explaining what symptoms to look out for, as well as the first hand views of sufferers. They can get advice on what foods to avoid as well as find a directory of support groups up and down the country. The Black Farmer® will also be sponsoring Coeliac UK’s ‘Awareness Raising Champion Award’ celebrating the person who has done the most to bring about awareness of this condition.

“As a producer of gluten free only products this goes some way to helping sufferers feel safe in their food choice. My commitment has always been that The Black Farmer® will only ever sell gluten free products – good food that can be enjoyed by the sufferer and the whole family alike,” says Wilfred. (more)

Coeliac disease is a wheat intolerance that affects the lining of the stomach. Sufferers experience a number of symptoms, which all too often can be put down to other things.

“At least one in one hundred people suffer with Coeliac disease, with more being diagnosed every year. By increasing awareness of the symptoms of this disease we can help many who are currently suffering needlessly. Modern medicine has advanced sufficiently that anyone who worries that they may have the disease can “Get tested”.

“If you’re following a wheat or gluten free diet, regular supermarket shopping can be a nightmare,” he adds. “For many sufferers, to be able to buy good quality, great-tasting, gluten free products in their local store is a real treat. We are taking advantage of Coeliac Awareness Week to really drive home our gluten free message – and make it even easier for those who have yet to discover The Black Farmer® Gluten Free sausages.”


For further information:
0207 978 4132


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