The Black Farmer Needs You.

I would like to interview anyone out there who suffers from Coeliac disease email or ring 0207 978 4132


~ by theblackfarmer on April 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Black Farmer Needs You.”

  1. I have coeliac disease (10 years) and I saw the item about your sausages in The Grocer magazine. I would love to know where I can buy them in Scotland. I am also responding to your request for ‘Black farmer needs you’. Many thanks

    • I can’t believe I didn’t see your message before. I do apologise.
      There is a store locator facility on my website just type in your postcode and a list of local stores will come up. If there isn’t a store local to you, please do petition the supermarkets to try and get them to increase the number of stores where my products are available. They really do listen to their customers.
      As we are approaching Coeliac Awareness Week again in May, if you would like to send me your own case study about how you came to be diagnosed with Coeliac Disease I will be very pleased to post it on my website where it will be of great help to others who suspect they may be suffering.
      Thanks for getting in touch. All the best, Wilfred

  2. Finally got round to see your interview on Car Pool and I want to get some of your sausages. I live in Bristol, where can I get some?


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