Malcolm’s coeliac story

When I complained of being constantly tired, my G.P., rather than dose me with pills, wanted to discover why I should be tired – and a blood-test revealed anaemia. The next step was to discover why I was anaemic, and an endoscopy showed that I was a Coeliac.
The change of diet was difficult for my family – and even worse for me ! I had enjoyed bakiing our own bread, but the Prescription bread was like eating cardboard : I quickly bacame an expert on Baked Potatos
Over the twenty years I have noticed a big improvement in availability of G.F food items – cakes, pastries and prepared foods such as sausages, etc Though many Supermarkets stock lines ( like tinned meats) which seem determined to contain wheat flour ( it is cheaper than cornflour!) – M&S is  not good – the development of the “Free From” sections are a move in the right direction. Mind, some of the so-called Free From do contain rye or barly elements – care is still needed.
The bread problem was solved overnight when my wife bought me a bread-making machine ( At least she no longer had to put up with my moaning about sawdust bread !) Marvellous ! I could enjoy a hot,buttered crust at last. Bread rolls I still have to master.
The local Coeliac Group is invaluable for newcomers to the scene, for it passes on tips and wrinkles about diet and local suppliers of G.F items and can apply some pressure on hospitals and even restaurants to meet Coeliac needs – hence the importance of Awareness Week.
For extravegant indulgence I can recommend the Honeybuns range of goodies – but perrhaps they are only available in the South  (it is a Dorset company)


~ by theblackfarmer on May 6, 2009.

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