Lis’s Coeliac story

I was diagnosed about 20 years ago.  Things were very different then, the only way to get GF food was by prescription, very expensive!  The only things on prescription were ‘to sustain life’ ie bread, absolutely horrible and dry, flour, cakes, pastry etc fell to bits as soon as you tried to cut them or take them out of a tin.  Pasta, ok but a bit odd!  I remember my doctor telling me off because I was asking for too many prescriptions, he accused me of feeding my family with the items, as if they would have eaten it!! It was a real pain cooking two lots of pasta or pastry, so eventually I just gave up on bread or baked goods, even pasta, in fact I used to eat ordinary pasta it seemed easier.  Then supermarkets started to stock things, what a revelation, cakes, biscuits, nice bread, flour that worked, so for years I just bought what I wanted and used it as I wanted, my family never really realised they were eating GF as well.  Then shortly after my 60th birthday I was talking to someone about the food and she asked why I didn’t have it prescribed as it was now free.  I hadn’t thought about it so bought the coeliac book and found lots of lovely fresh things I could have for nothing, even pizza bases, something I hadn’t eaten for years.  The flavour of the bread and rolls is magically better, it tastes almost like real bread and the flour actually works. I had often ignored the diet in the past and just eaten what I liked but now I can follow it.

I have to admit that when we eat out or go to friends for meals I don’t worry about it, I just eat what is going and seem to survive without to much trouble. 


It all seems a lot easier now and your sausages mean I can even eat those again after years of not having any or having to have them especially made. 

I shall be asking Makro why they don’t stock GF products and your sausages –  if we are going to get restaurants and hotels to supply GF food they will need to be able to buy them wholesale.  I am hoping for another revolution in the catering industry. I certainly offer my guests GF if needed as well as other dietary requirements, and if I can do it so can anyone else!


~ by theblackfarmer on May 13, 2009.

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