The Black Farmer’s Daughter

The Black Farmers Daughter

I listened  to my daughter in her demands for her favourite sausages to be made available for everyone.  First launched are gluten free 100% British Premium Pork chipolatas, available in some Budgens, Sainsbury’s and Asda stores. Find out your local stockists here.

She says “Parents sometimes think they know it all and don’t listen to us.  Well after years of nagging I’ve managed to convince my dad that I know which sausages are going to be loved by parents and kids!”  Like me she is a no nonsense person who is prepared to push hard for what she wants and believes in.

I am happy for her to have developed her own sausage range but the one stipulation is that they have to be gluten free. Although she’s not a sufferer, at least one in 100 people suffer with Coeliac disease, and more and more kids are being diagnosed with the condition.  In her own school a growing number of children are wheat and gluten intolerant and her friends’ parents are constantly coming up to me telling me how difficult it is to get a product that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

We live in a society where children are still seen but not heard and I encourage my daughter to talk about things that are important to her and to get involved in the whole process.  You can watch Scarlett introducing her range in a video on my website.


~ by theblackfarmer on January 13, 2010.

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