The Black Farmer launches Gluten Free Awards 2010

As we are now approaching Coeliac Awareness Week in May, I am launching The Black Farmer’s first ever Gluten Free Awards. These awards are in honour of the unsung heroes working hard to make the lives of Coeliac sufferers easier – whether that’s daily shopping, eating out or on holiday.

So please support these inaugural awards by voting for your unsung hero. It could be a supermarket, for offering the best range of gluten free foods. Or a website or blogger who goes out of their way to provide useful information for sufferers. Maybe for you its a restaurant that offers a good range of gluten free dishes on its menu, or a UK based holiday destination that welcomes and caters for Coeliac sufferers. We know they are out there, but we need your help to find them and showcase them on The Black Farmer site.

If you would like to support my Awards and help get your Gluten Free Hero duly praised, please vote now. Simply click on the category of your choice and let me have the name and location of your Gluten Free Hero, together with your reasons for the vote. I know how passionate many of you are about finding services that support a gluten free diet, so I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Gluten Free – MENU

Best Gluten Free – HOLIDAY HOTEL

Best Gluten Free – RETAILER


Or go here to cast your vote…


~ by theblackfarmer on April 6, 2010.

One Response to “The Black Farmer launches Gluten Free Awards 2010”

  1. As a reasonably new but now regular user of your products I feel that the food promotion is low. Our first purchase was through chance and the lack of choice. Since this time we are now regular buyers of the best product you can buy of the a humble English farm produces. The sausage bacon and now great sauces ensure a taste meal every time. In the past we bought all our sausage bacon and other meats like this from our local butchers who close several years ago and so left us with no choice on high quality and great tasting foods. Your products have given us this new opportunity but we still find it hard to understand how few people are ware of your great products. The coeliac choice is pretty unique so when we eat out as our sister in law is coeliac and so her choices are limited we ask and inform the restaurants of your choices to ensure on arrival that meals and sauces made by you are available in her and there choices of meals. They seem only to happy to make these things available using your foods and sauces when preparing foods as long as we give notice. No more cups thanks as you’ve sent us 2 and we use them every morning in bed for tea and at weekends with our sausage bacon eggs (free range) and toms. Thanks for a great foods Graham Karen

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